It’s not HIV, just HSV. There IS a difference.

It's not HIV, just HSV.

It’s not HIV, just HSV.

It seems as though the HIV Justice Network are trying to re-brand themselves. It’s either that or they can’t spell.

What on earth are they doing publicizing the misguided case of David Golding from Northampton being sent to prison for passing on herpes to his girlfriend Cara Scott? You cannot compare the severity of HIV to HSV. The middle letters of each acronym, when combined, tell us there IS a difference.

Here are some medical facts taken from a statement made by the HVA (Herpes Viruses Association).

  • 7 out of 10 adults have been infected with one or both herpes simplex viruses
  • About 80% of those infected do not know that they have been infected
  • First symptoms may happen months or years after infection
  • It can be almost impossible to prove which partner was first infected
  • It is common and symptoms are seldom severe – only those with obvious symptoms are likely to be diagnosed
  • The ‘herpes stigma’ is largely the result of an antiviral drug marketing campaign from the 1980s which incorrectly called herpes ‘incurable’.

Now if they are going to pursue this path of increasing the already undeserved stigma of herpes toward that of mass hysteria, might we soon see a Flu Justice Network, a Chicken-pox Justice Network or even a Thrush Justice Network?

We certainly hope not.

Remember, it’s not HIV, just HSV – one causes cold-sores south of your mouth and the other may result in you parting way with your life. There is a difference.

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