Herpes Events – Party Till You Pop

When we say “Party Till You Pop“, we don’t mean that literally.

That would be disgusting, but hopefully it got your attention and now you too can join in on our herpes events and gatherings.

H-YPE herpes events

H-YPE is proud to be the only UK herpes social site that brings you herpes events and gatherings throughout the United Kingdom. We started arranging events for herpsters back in 2004; two years before H-YPE was launched. Now we like to refer to them as H-YPE events for H-YPEsters. You could go as far as saying that H-YPE was born out of those original beginnings as we watched how these gatherings changed people’s lives for the better, helping bring back a sense of normality.

These fantastic herpes events and parties helped many people with herpes realise:

  • that herpes is only a cold-sore
  • you will have sex again
  • you can still meet a life partner
  • herpes does not kill you
  • life does go on.

Our London herpes events are now regularly attended by over 100 H-YPEsters as well as many of our friends from the HVA (Herpes Viruses Association) which is a wonderful herpes charity based in the UK. If you have the means then you might want to make a donation directly to them, via their own website. To donate please click here.

We now have H-YPE herpes events throughout the United Kingdom, many of which are arranged by H-YPEsters themselves. There is an event for everyone. Though we must warn you: YOUR SOCIAL LIFE MAY GO INTO OVERDRIVE!

Although our events areĀ centredĀ around people with herpes meeting other people with herpes, we do like to encourage our members to bring along their non-herpes friends (Muggles as we now like to call them). It demonstrates to others that there are people out there who will not scream with terror and run away when you tell them you have herpes. It can have a profound effect on giving the newly diagnosed the courage to have “The Herpes Talk” with possible partners, friends and even their family.

Please take a moment to join H-YPE. It’s free to registar and to RSVP to one of our herpes events.

Take the leap and join H-YPE! You’ll be so glad you did.

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