“Like it” or not, H-YPE has a Facebook page

H-YPE has a Facebook page

We ask you to Like us.

H-YPE now has a Facebook page. It has come about due to the suggestion of one of H-YPE’s very proactive members who asked why we didn’t have one. We thought “Who would want to be associated with a herpes community page on Facebook?”

Luckily, the name H-YPE doesn’t scream out “HERPEEEEEEEEEEEES” like other site names do (one of the main reasons we chose it) which means that if someone was to look at your “Like” list, they would actually have to click on the link to find out it has anything to do with herpes.

So here is your chance to officially “Like” H-YPE. Please remember that it will appear in your “Like” list where others may see it but it will only say “H-YPE” and not herpes till you click on it.

Please take a look and “Like” it if you like it.

Here’s the link. www.facebook.com/herpesHPV

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