Boldly Going Where No Other Site Has Gone Before

We first announced this offer back in 2009 and since then other sites have followed our lead in this and in many other ways, such as putting community before dating. Obviously we must be doing something right as they continue to try and emulate H-YPE.

Just to reiterate, if you are on Disability Living Allowance, on Job Seekers Allowance or Income Support and are finding it difficult to pay for FULL ACCESS membership, then H-YPE would like to help.

Free H-YPE membership for those on benefitsWe will offer you free full access membership on a month to month basis. All we ask is that you email us a scanned copy of your relative paperwork proving your DLA, JSA or Income Support and a scanned copy of photo ID such as a passport or drivers licence. We also require a contact number in case we have any questions regarding your request. All of this is necessary to stop those who would abuse this offer and end up spoiling this opportunity for those that really need it.

We can assure you that all data received will not be passed onto anyone else and be used soley for H-YPE full access membership applications.

This is a month to month offer and would need to be applied for on a monthly basis.

Please send your requests to and we would appreciate you patience while we process the data.

All decisions made by H-YPE are final and not open for negotiation.

Do not apply for this unless you can provide the proof mentioned above in its entirity.

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  1. wingnut says:

    Aww shucks this just goes to show what a great bunch you all are at H-YPE, keep up the good work x

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