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Is my sex life over now that I have herpes?

Will herpes kill my sex life?

Is there sex after herpes?

You just found out you have herpes, you don’t have a special someone in your life and you doubt you ever will now because you have GENITAL HERPES. You are probably thinking, “Who will want to ever have sex with me now?”.

You feel dirty. You feel like you are on your own. There is no-one with whom you can talk to because they will probably run away screaming and tell all your friends and family while escaping from your disgusting, infected self.

Well we can assure you that Read more

Can you get herpes from a toilet seat?

Can you get herpes from a toilet seat?

It's Alive!

The short answer to that would be NO.

You cannot get herpes from a toilet seat. Herpes is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) spread by skin-to-skin contact. In most cases, the virus enters your body through mucous membranes — the type of skin found in your mouth, genitals or anus. The virus can also enter your body through skin that has tiny scrapes or tears.

Herpes Simplex Virus 1 (HSV1) is known as oral herpes and Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV2) is known as genital herpes because of the area of the body they effect. This is slightly misleading as someone with oral herpes (a.k.a. The Common Cold-sore) can pass on HSV1 to their partner’s genitals through oral sex and someone with genital herpes can pass on HSV2 to their partner’s mouth.

Both herpes 1 and 2 are not able to live on a non-living surface, such as a toilet seat. Therefore, unless the toilet seat Read more

Who’s Got Her Peas? (We really mean Herpes)

The general statistics indicate that 1 in 4 people have herpes and 80% of them don’t actually realize they do because their symptoms are so mild, if they get any at all.

Therefore that would imply that 1 in 4 celebrities have herpes too. Many names have popped up such as Jason Biggs from “American Pie” who Tweeted his fans about the progress of his developing herpes cold sore.

Here is our take on who’s got herpes……oh we mean her peas. Enjoy!

How To Raise Your Profile Using Social Networking

Social Networking made easy with

Whether you join a dating site for people with herpes or one of the huge commercial dating sites, the end result may still be the same. There may be nobody in your area or the competition may be so huge, it’s daunting. So, what do you do to get noticed or pass the time until that perfect one joins? This is where the social networking comes in.

Social networking is the key to your success. It’s all in the name. You do what it says on the tin.

Be social and network.

Use networks like to interact with other members and having fun doing it. Stand out from the crowd without being a prat. It’s obvious that a profile with a picture gets more attention than one without a photo right? So what do you do when lots of members have their photo attached to their profile because they feel safer on H-YPE than on most other herpes/HPV dating sites?

Take the next step on the H-YPE Social Network and allow your head to Read more

How To Sweeten Up Telling Someone You Have Herpes

Say you have herpes - with a cakeSay it with a cake? If that works for you then great.

On a more serious note though, telling someone you love or are interested in that you have herpes can be very embarrassing. If you’ve ever had to tell someone you have herpes, how did you do it? Did it go well? What would you do differently if you could?

If you pick the right time and say it the right way, there’s a good chance things will work out OK.

Think about how you want your partner to take the news. Do you want it to seem like a huge problem? Of course not, so don’t present it that way. If you say, “I have some awful news for you,” your partner will likely take it as awful news. Instead, be casual, direct, and unemotional.

If you say, Read more

What is the point of a Facebook STD app?

As many a Facebook friend will tell you, revealing more about your private life than you would like is an everyday hazard of the web.

But a new concept for an app could see social network users sharing information far more sensitive than a drunken party snap.

Researchers are exploring whether websites such as Facebook could be used to sift through users’ friend lists and flag up which of them may be carrying a sexually transmitted infection.

A team at the University of North Carolina’s Center for Infectious Diseases hopes this approach can harness the power of increasingly ubiquitous social networks to prevent the spread of diseases such as HIV and chlamydia.

At an international health conference held last month, Dr Peter Leone – the professor leading the research – pointed out how a patient’s circle of friends can be a vital clue in identifying who could be at risk of infection.

The theory is that, since social networks mirror our real-life friendship circles, services such as Facebook could be used to contact an entire at-risk group and tell them they may be in danger.

In a previous study Dr Leone tested the sexual partners of newly diagnosed HIV patients and found 20 per cent of them showed up HIV-positive.

His latest research looks at this finding in light of Read more

UK Herpes Dating = H-YPE!

No, we are not changing H-YPE’s name to UK Herpes Dating. It is simply another way to find us. The name UK Herpes Dating was created as another way to bring the newly diagnosed members of our society to H-YPE using the keywords that seem to be quite popular on search engines.

Of course it is up to you to choose which of the following you should use:

Rest assured that you will end up in the same wonderful place…H-YPE!

437737 is code for herpes –

Yes it is true…..437737 is code for herpes! If you were to type the word “HERPES” on your phone, the corresponding numbers would actually be 437737.

“So what good does this do for me?”, I hear you ask.

Watch this video to find out more…

If herpes dating sites are not for you then try adding the number 437737 to your profile so that others can do a keyword search for you or why not try searching for others yourself? Or you could use this method alongside of herpes dating sites.

If the thought of exposing yourself by adding this number to your regular dating site profile scares you then try using a dedicated herpes dating site like
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