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The ONLY UK herpes dating site with a real community

When it comes to joining a herpes dating site there are plenty of sites to choose from. As it is with H-YPE, they should be free to join and look around and we actively encourage you to compare the different options out there.

We are of course the ONLY site that suggests this because we are confident that once you have compared H-YPE to the rest, you will see that we are the right site for your needs.

H-YPE has more members than any other site in the UK, with more photos, more blogs and more choice. Our events are amazing, thanks to the fantastic members of our wonderful community. No other site in the UK can offer you such a service.

We believe in value for money and offer an abundance of features for a small contribution. Other sites will attempt to lure you in with “herpes sales” but in the real world, you get what you pay for.

We have purposely kept our prices low so as not to exclude anyone based on salary, especially in these difficult times, though running a site like H-YPE does incur costs which must be covered. Our members understand and appreciate this, hence our thriving community.

Despite these costs, we truly believe that support and advice should be a free service which is why we have made the H-YPE forum open to all levels of membership….and yes that includes the free STANDARD membership too.

Our caring community of H-YPEsters are always on hand to offer those in need of support and advice the help they need.

In 2009, H-YPE was the first site to offer free FULL ACCESS membership to those on unemployment and incapacity benefits. Of course this has now been copied by others and we are glad to have shown them the way forward.

We are very proud to be the number one choice for herpes dating in the UK and only have the members of H-YPE to thank for that honour.

So in closing, let us say just one more time, don’t take our word for it…..look around and compare the sites using the free registration before you make a choice and part with your hard earned cash.

Click here to join H-YPE now. You’ll be so glad you did.