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Telling someone you have herpes – how to tell them

Telling someone you have herpes is never an easy thing to do but the most important thing is to tell them in a positive way. If you’re in tears while telling them that you have herpes then that’s how they will perceive the situation; as life destroying and who wants to get involved with a life destroyer?

Now, if you tell them you have herpes in a light-hearted manner and as if it hardly phases you, then they will see it in such a way.

Try to avoid the doom and gloom approach and be positive……and I’m not referring to your test results.

Since most people get coldsores on their mouth, then why not use that fact to your advantage.

  • I usually start by saying I bumped into an old friend and they had a coldsore on their mouth.
  • Ask them if they ever get coldsores and if they say yes then you’re halfway there.
  • Whether they say yes or no, ask if they know what the real name is for it and tell them it’s herpes if they didn’t already know.
  • If they do get coldsores but didn’t know that coldsores are herpes then they may be a little shocked…..but that’s ok as that makes your job that much easier.
  • Proceed to tell them that you too get coldsores but not on the mouth……just a little bit more south. If that doesn’t click with them then tell them exactly where but be light-hearted; not serious.
  • If you have access to the internet then have some sites saved in your favorites for them to check out so they can educate themself and not be scared off by looking at ignorant sites that do not understand that it’s only a coldsore.
  • If you don’t have access to the internet then and there, some pamphlets from your clinic or local herpes association will suffice.
  • Whether you do or don’t have the internet or pamphlets at hand then be ready for their questions with educated and informative answers.
  • And remember to stay calm and keep smiling.

The alternative is to use a herpes dating site such as H-YPE!, or why not try both?

Try using 437737 on regular dating sites!

What a random collection of numbers……….or is it really? It’s actually a secret code that’ll help you track down others herpsters via regular dating sites.

This is how it works: grab your mobile phone and enter the word herpes as you would a text but not in SMS mode; do it as if you were making a phonecall. Look at the display and it should say 437737.

Then go to a regular dating site and in your profile, write your schpeal as you would normally but add the number 437737 in your description either on its own or in a sentence such as “My lucky number is 437737″ or maybe try “I can do 437737 push-ups”. Then when someone wants to look for fellow herpsters they enter the number 437737 in the search bar and if that website allows for that type of search, you’ll appear in the results.

If you find that to be a little too exposing then the alternative is to use a herpes dating site such as H-YPE!. H-YPE specializes ONLY in herpsters and provides internet access to herpes dating and building a herpes community….plus the great thing about it is that it DOES NOT scream out HERPES. It’s very discreet and looks just like a regular dating site and can be used is public places such as work or internet cafes without worrying what what everyone else around is thinking. Also, only members are able to see your profile ensuring even more privacy.

Good luck in whichever you choose to do.

A seriously cool place to make friends with sometHing in common!

Just wanted to let you all know about my new Herpes Dating site called H-YPE! It stands for Herpes – Your Positive Experience!

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